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Oct 13, In astrology Quaoar is reflecting a new reality or perspective. For examples and What could it possibly mean in a birth chart? Let me guess. Quaoar is a dwarf planet that is named after the God or Creation Force' of the astrological and spiritual significance of Quaoar and what its interpretation might.

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Posts about Saturn-Quaoar written by astrobuss. Cusps in astrology are tricky. Eris is the feminine equivalent of Mars; it is the goddess of war. The Saturn exactly conjunct America's Pluto Declaration chart that occurred at the. Daykeeper Journal: Maya del Mar's daily astrological forecast, general Quaoar is the most recently discovered and named Trans-Neptunian body in at the time new celestials are sighted, tend to be indicative of their meaning to us as a collective.

Quaoar is inconjunct Jupiter retrograde at 11 Cancer, opposed Saturn. Pronounced maki-maki. Positive: Articulate and ultra-communicative.

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Self-assuredness, especially by verbal means. Clever, quick-witted and interested in invoking insight and inspiration with speech. Quick to report findings, regardless of impact. Courageous, possessing the willfulness to confront the peril required for discovery or spiritual evolution.

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Conscious of family security and safety. Protection of the brood. Negative: Cunning and verbally manipulative. Double talk. Diversion of facts. Declaring false findings laying an egg, so to speak. Taking flight to avoid consequence. Hiding as a coping skill. Disregard for safety of the home. Mundane: Data collection to support a doctrine or cause. Books, especially those of multi-cultural interest.

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Translation especially with a cross-cultural theme. Cultural synthesis. Integration of tasks. Dissemination of information whether true or false. Split second decisions. Lightning fast assessment. Fertility and fertility procedures. Ceremonial: Incantations. Oral remedies for healing. Meditations to unify the minds of several. Isolation for ceremonial purposes. Shamanic retreat.

Cave ceremonies. Ceremonies involving hair cutting. Positive: Self contained, compassionate, sensitive, empathetic. Strong sense of fairness. When on task, amazingly enthusiastic.

Negative: Easy to consume, compliant, co-dependent, striving for closeness while using distance and aloofness as a defense. Socially conscious to a fault, competitive. Lack of fairness. Projecting nature. Sacrificial for fervent causes, often resentful of the sacrifice.


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Mundane: Mirrors. Obsession with the womb and a child in vitro. Apples more bites taken from. Contaminated produce. Mining more the conflict of extracting resources from the Earth without harming the Earth. Ceremonial: Rendering of fresh food for spirits. Leaving of flowers as a ceremonial gesture. Capitulation ceremonies. Immolation not recommended. Other Dwarf Planet Candidates. Varuna : Vedic deity of vast power, particularly the waters.

Mundane - appointments or elected positions, delegation of authority, promotions, demotions, court martial, public humiliation. Ixion : Father of the Centaurs, and not a particularly nice fellow. Mundane - second efforts and chances, reset buttons, cloud seeding, study of weather, watching clouds, lust or coveting of another's mate. Quaoar: Native American deity of creation. The first object in space to bear a Native American name not counting Hopi and Navajo, which refer to tribes.

Positive - creative, inspiring, possibility oriented, uplifts sagging emotion, strong sense of self. Mundane - birds, frogs, bears, songs and dances of cultural or spiritual origin, harmony, syncopation, rhythm.

Orcus - A lord of the underworld. Negative: hypocritical, fault finding in the ways of others, blame assigning, ducks responsibility for word and actions, unable to keep promises.

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Mundane: contracts, oaths to organizations, religions or countries, creeds. Ceremonial: declaring faith, writing creeds, channeling the latest cosmic downloads and formatting it into doctrine. The Enigmatic Sedna. These bodies have long orbital periods based upon their high eccentricity. They are scattered into the realm "beyond? Sedna's influence appeared in the bowl of chili severed finger incident, a finger in custard incident, and hopefully more joyfully in Tim Burton's anifilm, The Corpse Bride.

Sedna - She is the first body to bear the mythology of the arctic's Inuit culture. Orbital Period: 11, Positive - a forgiving disposition, discernment, clarity of perception, recognition of free will and choice, responsible, conscious of consequence, far thinking, dharma-oriented, does the homework of life. Mundane - blubber, products made from sea mammals, whaling, diving bells that go into the dark of the sea, emotional healing, forgiveness, sorrow, engagement, masks, flight of the birds.

Ceremonial - cleansing in the sea, propitiation to the sea, sea creatures, use of sea creature talismans walrus tusk carvings, scrimshaw , ceremony with masks of sea creatures, ceremonial masks in general. Centaurs : Cosmic High Horses. Centaurs are a unique group of bodies more or less part of the Kuiper Belt, a region of icy dust and asteroid-like bodies near the edge of our solar system.

There may be hundreds of thousands of Kuiper Belt Objects. A smaller subset of this collection, Centaurs, by definition, must possess a perihelion distance greater than that of Jupiter and a semi-major axis that does not exceed Pluto's aphelion distance from the Sun originally defined as a semi-major axis less than that of Neptune, but ignored as definition of the bodies continued. Chiron : The wounded healer who possesses insight, wisdom and grace.