Personal day 12 january numerology

It is profound.. I know it is for me. So in a 5 year, it is all about change, all about action and connecting with people. You can make a move towards how can I do things different that will make my life more passionate, more fun. Or you can stay quiet and not move and feel life is just passing you by. This is the time to take action in your life and shift any negative beliefs you have about your life and your journey.

It is your choice! Here are two links you might find interesting. Or contact me to schedule a reading for more specifics. I have a hard time thinking that my personal year would start in January with my birthday December For example… this year by all accounts of Jan 1st- Dec 31st method would put me at a personal year 7, but I have been moving into a new house, and then redecorating, and then literally moved again to another new house in another country, redecorating this house, and still trying to find the ground that is comfortable and works well for my family.

This month is a personal month 7 for me, and only now have I found the time to get quiet with myself. But all the rest of the time, all my energy goes to taking care of my 1 year old daughter and trying to stay happy with my husband lol.

I think I need to learn more about the transit and essence numbers, maybe that will help iron out some of these discrepancies! If the case is that I am indeed in my 7 year, I feel like it was wasted because I got no time at all to explore my spiritual proclivities beyond the norm….

Hello Jordan, I understand your consideration and I have heard many say the same thing.. But actually the calculation is mathematical and scientific! The personal year changes when the year to date changes.. Now when your birthday comes around it is a pivotal time for you in a 7 mode..

Numerology : the number 7 personality (if you're born on the 7, 16 or 25)

So lets talk more about the seven personal year.. So you are slipping and sliding all over the place and can feel like you really would like to be left alone and meditate.. Not always the case!!! Understand the energy is just energy and what happens in real life might not meet up to that energy. Seven environment is not very grounding!! It might feel like you are in a bubble and not sure how to get out!!! Each personal year theme has its spark and its shadow… so sometimes, for example, you might want some quiet time, yet you find life chaotic..

The 7 energy would much rather take a walk in nature and be left alone!!! Find a time just for yourself.. Try to find that time every day.


Take a walk in nature.. AND nurture self.. If your child is around.. Or if you are sole provider of her during the day.. Keep me posted. This process can start with your relationship to yourself, and extend to everyone in your life—from your most intimate partners to your family and friends, and even co-workers.

Many numerologists will observe that a 6 Personal Year is one involving marriage and divorce—literally and metaphorically.

But no need to rush to an altar or attorney! To start the year, January offers you opportunities for deep soul searching—especially in regard to all things relationship-oriented. You might even feel like retreating into a little cave or curling up on the couch with a steaming cup of tea. Showing up for loved ones is a great way to begin , a year where your focus is on those in your intimate circle. Welcome to your 7 Personal Year, a time where a quiet retreat is more in alignment with your energies than, say, burning the midnight oil at the office.

Yet the month of January will be infused with the 8 energy, meaning business and financial affairs are front and center. This could mean phasing out some less important obligations so you can free up time for personal and private matters—like a meditation practice or maybe that yoga retreat.

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Financial pressures may also creep in, most likely with people and situations that test your sense of personal power. Get ready for buttons to be pushed! Learn to stand up for yourself and draw a line in the sand, demarcating healthy boundaries. And as good as that sounds, be prepared for a bit of pushback, or at least a push-pull. This is an appropriate way to launch your soul-searching 7 Personal Year in coming face-to-face with some of the deeper issues surrounding your sense of yourself and your power in the world. Personal power and finances take the front seat for your 8 Personal Year in Remember: easy come, easy go!

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, focus on cultivating an attitude of abundance and banishing that scarcity mindset. Have you been waiting to get various ventures up and running? You might start feeling a lot like Sleeping Beauty, awakening and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes in January. But first, there could be loose ends to tie up before you begin the big push forward.

Your forecast is based upon the PERSONAL YEAR you’re currently experiencing.

This month, only devote yourself to the necessary work already in play, knowing you can go full steam ahead on new ventures in the months to come. The energy of the 9 Month will bring you experiences that demand a choice: do you hang on for dear life or do you let go? Time to hit the ground running! And yet!

Tuesday, 1-January:

Embrace this as a period of transition, one that will require completion and closure. Do you feel strong? Have you risen to a challenge and crushed it? What Color Matches Your Personality?

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Try The Quiz Now!! It is the number that brings balance to our lives, you will feel a need to seek out and create harmony every possible way. This is a good time when you should look for the happiness of your family and friends. This is an auspicious time to buy a house , spend time with family and friends. Test Now! There is a tendency to lose your calm and feel disturbed on this personal day 7. You should try to avoid conflicts and maintain a calm and composed demeanor throughout.

Make extra effort to stay calm and composed throughout the day. There is a tendency to get upset, confused and frustrated soon. You should avoid it. This is a day to take some important professional decisions in life. Business and financial decisions taken in this day would reap good results.

This is the day when you will be successful in whatever you do.