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October 2 Updated. Your daily horoscope: October 1. October 1 Updated.

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Your daily horoscope: September September 30 Updated. Your lookahead daily horoscope: September September 29 Updated. But they are very sensitive and variable of character. They have good analytical skills and are able to focus on their work.

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Life usually puts them close to people in high positions or with great wealth and power. It is quite an original person, which often makes it difficult for them to become popular in their surroundings. Relationships at home and influence of those around them take their toll on their health.

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They enjoy decorating their apartment with beautiful specimen of natural world. They often have some important tasks to fulfill, they usually lead a good life. They gradually ascend to a favorable position in terms of livelihood.

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They will achieve success in trade, an official position, diplomacy, as well as aviation, electrical engineering or music. They can count on success in all places where stable, precise and focused work is required. Their views are stable, often the same in old age as in youth. Although they clearly understand life situations, they are not free from one-sidedness. They thoroughly plan their doings ahead of time, while often acting passively for they think it to be the best way to overcome contemporary hardships.

But when they once decide on something and pick the right direction — they stick with it for good and do not agree for changes or concessions. Pisces weekly career horoscope lifetime Dreams are important to Pisces and they are always slightly in danger of confusing them with reality.

Kelley rosano astrology libra

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