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Everybody in school, neighbourhood and family praised his knowledge and believed that he had got a special power from the MaaBhagwati beside the regular blessings of his grandfather.

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His interests are not limited to just Astrology, he has been researching and mastering in Vaastu Shastra too. The extensive research on Vaastu and Astrology has also helped Panditji to pen his views, opinions and predictions, so he authored several books for the benefit of the masses.

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Books that could be easily understood and followed by the layman. He knows the direction by which, how a small change can make a big difference. According to him Vaastu is not just an unknown superstitious phenomenon. It's based on the extensive scientific research into the placement and the positioning of the objects in a given area with respect to the stars and the planetary positions.

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Objects like a pot, an aquarium, your bed or even a chair plays a vital role when it comes to Vaastu, an analytical study that extends itself to cosmic science and astrology. That not only reflects on the growth but also helps to enhance the performance as well. His precision and perfect calculation has left many spellbound and has helped even more come out of unfavorable conditions with flying colours, which includes top bureaucrats, politicians and well-known celebrities.

His efforts and contribution to the field of Vaastu and Astrology is beyond comparison.

With the co-operation and inspiration of Mr. Modgil Pt. Mishra on every 17 August.

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All leading astrologers, vaastu experts and luminaries of the society discussed the various aspects of occult science besides other social achievements. Pursharth Awards created by Pt. Jai Prakash Sharma Ji, the founder president of Pursharth Society a leading NGO is delivered to the persons who had devoted their life for the benefit of mankind. On 5th Jan, Pt. Jai Prakash Sharma ji in association with Dr.

Mishra has raised a slogan- "Pt.

Jai Prakash Sharma Aur Dr. Walia Presently the Finance Minister of Govt. Nowadays he is at it again, applying himself on his new book that will yet again reinforce his belief and extensive research in the field of Vaastu. Panditji has made his ancestors proud by taking the family profession to new scientific heights. He has many dimensions to his personality, a hi-tech astrologer and Vaastu consultant by profession, he is also the author of several best-selling book beside a social reformer.

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As the tradition of his ancestors Panditji fed the knowledge of astrology and Vaastu science in the blood of his both sons rajat and Abhay. According to them their father has handed them the key of success. By exploring his honesty, good character and by getting his blessings they will always remain in high spirit. Currently Panditji is striving to introduce Astrology and Vaastu Shastra as science in various universities which effects the human life from the birth till death. Jai Prakesh Sharma ji who has devoted his life in research of relationship of astronomy with astrology is always acknowledge the achievement of Mr.

Abha Bansal for inventing the Palm Computer which helps him a lot in his research work and without which it can be a very time consuming procedure.

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  • According to Pandit. Ji it is a chance that makes brother and sister but it is your luck that makes friends. Living with a friend, admirer and well wisher like Mr. A holistic ecosystem if you are looking for marriage, career, children, parent, love, relationship, money and health advice based on both traditional and modern principles of astrology.

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