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These events can only happen in the period around the planet's inferior conjunction, when it is relatively close to the Earth and passing from the evening sky into the morning sky. A planet's ecliptic latitude i. Should a planet be close to its maximum heliocentric latitude when it is positioned near the Earth in its orbit, the two effects will combine to produce a sizeable apparent displacement of the planet above or below the ecliptic. It is at these times that, at higher Earthly latitudes, the planet can be briefly glimpsed at both dawn and dusk.

The date in this case is March 22nd - just three days before the planet's inferior conjunction - when higher Northern latitudes have a good opportunity to observe this event. The grey lines mark the rising angle of both Venus and the Sun, which are parallel to each other and to the celestial equator not marked. These large angles allow Venus to be viewed in twilight when the planet is very close to the date of its inferior conjunction. In the current era this takes place whenever Venus' inferior conjunctions fall during March Northerly ecliptic latitudes and August Southerly ecliptic latitudes.

Indeed, the closer to the poles one is positioned, the greater the chances of seeing these events.

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Observers at Equatorial and Tropical latitudes can never observe them. These events always take place in twilight, the planet being very low down in the sky - almost on the horizon - and shining at a magnitude of A flat, unobstructed horizon is essential and the clarity of the local atmosphere must be very good.

The 'Constel' column shows the constellation s which Venus occupies during the longest period in the 'Approximate Period of Visibility' column. The 'Max. This is because the altitude of the planet in the evening sky falls away rapidly after inferior conjunction - the planet moving at a very fast apparent rate of motion - whilst it also climbs higher in the morning sky. Hence in all cases, the morning altitude will slowly improve throughout the visible period whilst the evening altitude will worsen.

The closer to the poles one is positioned, the longer this period lasts. For evening observations, observing should begin straight after sunset. For morning observations, all that is needed is the local rising time of Venus. It is the time taken for a planet to return to a particular orbital configuration, e. This is commonly referred to as the Venus 8-Year Cycle and its existence has been known since ancient times. Venus' orbital configuration dates drift backwards through the calendar by about 2. The day backward drift is only partly caused by the inexact resonance between the two planets.

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In astronomy, an apparition is defined as the period of time during which a planet can be seen from the Earth; it excludes the time when planet is too close to the Sun to be visible. Azimuth and altitude are co-ordinates which are used for high-accuracy tracking of objects across the sky; in astronomy it is mainly used for setting telescopes which are fitted with altazimuth mounts.

One evident difference between the two apparitions is the planet's setting position towards the end of the period. In all cases where Venus is seen as an 'Evening Star', the planet enters the evening sky slowly, gaining altitude only gradually over time and reaching greatest elongation East several months later, but it exits the evening sky swiftly, losing altitude rapidly as it races towards inferior conjunction when it passes directly between the Earth and the Sun. It takes the form of an eight-letter sequence which the writer has dubbed the 'Venus Elongation Cycle Sequence'. Hence the period A to H covers eight years, i.

The years in the sequence which contain two greatest elongations are suffixed with the number 1 for an evening elongation and 2 for a morning elongation ; these are C, F and H in this case , and Hence the year year C has both an evening greatest elongation C1 and a morning greatest elongation C2. Evening greatest elongations will always be found to precede morning greatest elongations in any given calendar year. Year G is the exception, since it contains no greatest elongations; it only contains an inferior conjunction currently in early June.

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Year G contains the last part of a morning apparition its greatest elongation taking place in the previous year and the first part of an evening apparition its greatest elongation taking place in the following year. Future greatest elongation years through to about can be determined using this sequence. Beyond , starting years can be determined by adding multiples of 8 to the year , and this will be the starting year A of another 8-year cycle.

Simply subtract multiples of 8 from the year in question to bring it into the range A to H1-H2. Say we wish to determine whether the year will contain a greatest elongation in the morning or the evening. We know from the memorized sequence that the start year A is , so is the third year in the sequence, i. So in answer to our question, the year will contain two elongations, the first being an evening one and the second being a morning one. In fact, in only three years of the 8-year cycle does an apparition begin and end within the same calendar year. The sequence does however help to establish whether an evening apparition, a morning apparition or both will take place or have taken place in any particular year.

The Venus cycle is summarised in Table 5, which gives the date ranges of the various orbital configurations within each of the apparition years. In this instance, Venus' inferior and superior conjunction dates are included which, like the other orbital configuration dates, drift backwards through the calendar over time.

The years are grouped according to their Venus Elongation Cycle Year Designator and the events taking place in each apparition are listed, along with their date ranges.

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Some years include an Evening and a Morning elongation, e. Because successive dates in the 8-year cycle drift backwards in time by days per cycle, the dates are listed with their associated year in brackets. Look up the year in question in the Years column; in this case it is under Year 'C1' then find the first date listed under the required event column in this case Greatest Elongation East. The first date listed is March 27th for This is the approximate number of days that the event date has drifted backward in time since the first event date listed.

Future Amendments to the SequenceIt was mentioned a little earlier that the sequence works for dates through to This will first occur in , by which time Venus' greatest elongation West will have drifted from early January where it will be positioned through to into late December of At this point, year B will lose a greatest elongation West and year A will gain a greatest elongation West. The next revision will be required in , when Venus' greatest elongation East will have drifted from early January where it will be positioned through to into late December of Thereafter, no further changes to the sequence will be required for another years.

However the sequence itself will only require an amendment whenever a greatest elongation date drifts back into a previous year. The directions, altitudes and visibility durations of Venus over the eight-year cycle were derived from the commercial software RedShift 5 by Maris Technologies Ltd. In order to determine the times when Venus appears brightest in the sky, the dates of its perihelia its closest points to the Sun were required.

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Novartis is on Twitter. Eye Health Statistics. Accessed April 12, Facts About Dry Eye. Access April 24, Novartis Media Relations Central media line: 41 61 E-mail: media. Tick-marks indicate the first day of each month. Zodiac constellations are labelled in green and non-zodiac constellations in grey. The numbers along the sides of the chart Right Ascension and Declination are co-ordinates of celestial longitude and latitude which are used to locate the position of celestial bodies in the night sky.

A print-friendly version is available here. Orbitally, Venus is positioned at a relatively close 0. The planet shines at an apparent magnitude of Its apparent diameter its angular width as seen from the Earth is a sizeable 1' i.