Astrology is not only star gazing

The funny thing now is that astronomers are making conjectures based upon calculations on paper; the very thing they put astrologers down for. Your email address will not be published. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Star gazing: why millennials are turning to astrology | Society | The Guardian

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Her favorite subjects include astronomy and the environment. When she isn't writing, Megan loves watching movies, hiking, and stargazing. Subscribe Today! Intermediate What are the facts about the Star of Bethlehem? Intermediate Would a planet near the galactic center have a brighter night sky? Intermediate How different would the night sky have looked in 40, B.

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Intermediate Why do people draw stars with five points? Intermediate How do photons from distant objects maintain enough energy to reach us?

William Meader - Esoteric Astrology: Revealing the Soul's Intention

Intermediate When is the best time to observe zodiacal light? Intermediate How can I contribute to science as an amateur astronomer? Advanced Technical Questions How can I measure the distance of a star? Beginner How do we measure the size of the Moon and of the Sun? Intermediate What are Altitude and Azimuth? Intermediate Can I build an instrument to measure the size of the Sun and of the Moon? Intermediate Why don't astronomers use everyday units to measure distances what is an AU or a pc? Intermediate What is apparent magnitude? Intermediate How do you calculate the azimuth and altitude of an object?

Intermediate Why are telescopes located in remote places?

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Intermediate How does the color index of a star relate to its actual color? Intermediate What equipment do I need for astrophotography? Advanced What is meant by "stopping down a telescope"? Advanced What is the relationship between the width of a star trail on a photo and the star's intensity?

Advanced Professional Observers How much time do astronomers spend looking through telescopes? Beginner Can astronomers observe anything when the moon is full? Beginner What kind of interference must astronomers contend with when observing? Beginner What percent of the time can astronomers observe without interference from the Moon?

Current Observing Conditions

Beginner How does light pollution affect astronomers? Beginner Do stars move in the sky? Beginner Do we see the same stars from above and below the equator? Beginner What is the observational difference between a star and a planet? Beginner Why is twilight short near the equator? Intermediate Why doesn't the length of each day change much around the solstices?

The History of Astrology

Intermediate How long does it take the Big Dipper to move in the sky? Intermediate Stargazing Why can't you see stars during the day? Beginner Why do stars twinkle? Beginner Why do stars change colour when they twinkle? Beginner Is there a "South Star"? Intermediate Why is it easier to see a star if you look slightly to the side?

Intermediate Constellations What are the boundaries of the constellations? Beginner Which constellation does our Sun belong to? Beginner Will winter and summer constellations change due to abnormal warmth or cold on Earth? Beginner How many constellations are there? Beginner What are the names of the three stars in Orion's belt? Beginner Do constellations looks the same from space? Beginner Why do constellations look the same after several years even though all the stars are moving?

Intermediate What are constellations used for? Advanced Observing Galaxies Can we look back in time and see our galaxy forming? Intermediate Can any galaxies be seen with the naked eye? Beginner How can we see galaxies if their stars are so faint?

Intermediate How can we know that there are other galaxies if we cannot leave ours? Beginner Is Andromeda part of the Milky Way? Where can I find them in the sky?


Wait — How Do The Stars Affect My Horoscope?

Beginner What is the most distant known galaxy? Beginner What do a galaxy's colors mean? Are they its true colors? Intermediate How can we find galaxies behind the Milky Way? Intermediate If I were traveling through space, could I see distant galaxies with my own eyes?